About Us

The purpose of starting this online business was to supply people fitting out commercial premises with the flooring they need as easily and cost effectively as possible. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the flooring business, we know what people need when it comes to flooring. Basically, they want it sorted and they want it affordable. We also know that trying to work out how much you need for each application when it comes in all different sizes with different fitting requirements can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why we launched this website that can do all that for you.

By putting all our commercial flooring in one easy to search place, we created a website where people can simply search for what they want, enter the dimensions of the area they need it for and what surface they are fitting it on and our system gives them the amount of flooring they need, the amount of adhesive they need (if appropriate) and how much it will cost. If they’re happy with the price, they can click to order it, pay for it and have it delivered on site.

With over 12,000 different items to choose from, the world of flooring has become a bit mind boggling in recent years so we really wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers based on the sorts of questions and issues we’ve faced over the years. Having an online shop also allows us to keep costs down as we know how important price is to our customers. It also allows us to have such a wide stock so we can help you whether you are looking for very hard wearing safety flooring for workshop or plush stylish looking flooring for a high spec office development.

Being online doesn’t stop us from providing excellent customer service though. Being so experienced in the industry means we can provide all kinds of advice on commercial flooring from choosing it to fitting it.